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Since 2010, we have developed a rich insight into meaningful community engagement. We provide a wide range of skills and expertise that offer clients a unique way of understanding and engaging their target audience in order to achieve a desired goal or outcome.


We have tailored our products and services to work across a wide age spectrum and have taken our methodology to countries across the world. If you require a fresh approach to engagement, then get in touch today.


Verto is a unique web app for mobile platforms, it is a fun, gamified survey that can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you want to evaluate your impact or gather meaningful insight into your audience to give your campaign a boost, BTB can tailor a service to suit you, click through to learn more about the different packages we offer.

We love bringing communities together. We have been running DeCafes in the UK since 2015 and have even taken our methodology over to Colombia. Through this experience we have developed the skills and expertise to engage all types of communities.


We can curate an experience based around key topics or issues and place your desired outcome at the forefront. We’ll even measure your impact with an exclusive pre and post-Verto game so you can share your results with key stakeholders and funders.


Download our Community Engagement deck for more information.





Do you have a specific call to action, learning objective or experience you want to provide for children and young people?


We specialise in experiential learning and can create a curriculum of resources, one-off workshops, training programmes and more. We’ll tailor an experience to your needs, utilising Verto to measure our impact so you can share the results with key funders and stakeholders.


If you require an experience that is meaningful, engaging and fun, then download the deck for more info.



Campaigns are our speciality. In just three years, we created and grew a campaign from 54,000 registrations to vote, to 1.83 million registrations.
We can create the perfect blend of online engagement and face to face community gatherings. We will develop your message, delivery, and audience. From research to impact evaluation, we have the expertise to support you.
To find out more please visit our contact page and drop us an email.

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