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Welcome to the BTB ‘Hall of Fame’. Below you’ll see our favourite case studies that showcase our collaborations and impact. Check out our archive to follow our journey and see how we have progressed since our inception. 


In January 2018, BTB went international. We were invited by Mi Sangre and the TAAP Foundation to take our political engagement methodology to Colombia with their project ‘El Parche Democrático' ahead of their presidential elections.


It was a collaboration between three social entrepreneurs that took less than one month to coordinate and deliver. We ran training workshops with 200 young Colombians across four cities, who then went on to replicate these in their own communities.

Within one month of the training, the young people we trained put another 6000 through these workshops.

Episode 1 - How did we get here? 

Episode 2 - The Workshops 

Episode 3 - Social Entrepreneurs

Episode 4 - Truly Inspiring

case studies

Welcome to the BTB ‘Hall of Fame’. Below you’ll see our favourite case studies that showcase our collaborations and impact. Check out our archive to follow our journey and see how we have progressed since our inception. 


When the snap election was announced in 2017 we knew we had only 6 weeks to plan and execute a campaign to engage and register as many young and socially-excluded people as possible. BTB and partners relaunched the #TurnUp campaign as a cross-sector collaboration, but this time we gave it a creative kick, by working with illustration and animation agency Jelly London and creative agency Big Mouth Gets to engage the artistic community to contribute to the mission.


With over 200 pieces, including some from well-known artists, students, creatives and musicians from up and down the UK, we encouraged people to #TurnUp to vote. The artwork was shared online as part of a Twitter takeover, where BTB and partners shared content via @TwitterUK for the voter registration deadline day.

#turnup eu ref

This was the first year BTB and partners launched #TurnUp, our campaign to get as many people to register to vote as possible in the run-up to the EU referendum.


The brand was designed by BTB to reach those that are put off by ‘politics’ and traditional hashtags like ‘I Voted.’ Michael Sani co-founder and CEO of BTB was called into Downing Street to support the Prime Minister's call for all the largest UK tech companies to ensure their audiences were engaged and registered to vote. Bite The Ballot activated a nationwide voter registration drive across key digital platforms including Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, and Deliveroo.


During the campaign, an estimated 1.85 million citizens applied to register to vote and crashed the portal with a last-gasp effort to ensure they could participate in the referendum. Over 1.1 million of these were young people.


BTB streamed #INOUTLIVE, our answer to Question Time, ahead of the EU referendum in a bid to encourage impassioned discussion and debate. The panel was made up of social influencers and guests from the world of music, TV, and journalism, including entrepreneur Jamal Edwards, singer Eliza Doolittle and TV personality Katie Hopkins.


Influential personalities from both the IN and OUT campaigns received a grilling from BTB’s in-house panel, who also acted as a mouthpiece for our online audience’s questions and comments. Members of Full Fact were also on hand, fact-checking and correcting any big claims when necessary. The show had a total of 217,283 unique viewers.

#leaderslive 2015

#LeadersLive was Bite the Ballot’s first live show, streamed on YouTube. 

The event was made up of five, hour-long online shows and, each episode featured one of the party leaders, Natalie Bennet, Nigel Farage, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband, with David Cameron dropping out at the last minute.


It was the first of its kind with social influencers acting as a mouthpiece for their fans to question the party leaders and drill down on the issues that matter most of them.


minutes of the #LeadersLIve content watched to date


#LeadersLive mentions


average dwell time on the livestream


impressions (unique people) engaged via social media for #LeadersLive


comments on #LeadersLive YouTube



countries viewed our #LeadersLive 



In 2014 we created and launched the UK’s first ever National Voter Registration Drive (NVRD). We took inspiration from the USA and used a key time in the calendar month to coordinate a simple call to action - engage the population and register them to vote.  In the first year, when paper forms were the only way you could register to vote, we reached and registered 54,000 people thanks to some fantastic volunteers and partners. The following year people could register to vote online and we made history, with 441,696 people registering to vote in a single week of coordinated social action.


When we look at population size, compared to reach, it was, at the time, the most successful registration drive in any Western democracy.


Little did we know, NVRD would become #TurnUP, and the evidence we collated to submit to parliamentary hearings would soon see the birth of a National Democracy Week. Essentially, NVRD inspired a change in public policy.

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