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Bite The Ballot is an international social enterprise that specialises in civic and community engagement. Our charity has grown from an idea in a classroom to coordinating world-record breaking campaigns, changing laws and rebranding politics among young and socially-excluded communities.


But with grants and foundations mainly supporting us during election cycles, we had to evolve our revenue streams or risk going out of business. So, in 2017, we started our commercial entity which tailors our expertise and all we have achieved within our charity, to support others to do the same. We’re even exporting our methodology to increase engagement in other parts of the world. The profits from our commercial sales help to sustain our charitable activity.

It is important to note that we are strictly party neutral - we do not champion any individual politicians or parties. We simply want to invite citizens to join a national conversation, debating the issues that matter most to them. This invitation is open to individuals of all political stripes and creeds.


As more and more people become socially conscious, we continue to act as a catalyst for them to become changemakers. We only believe in one type of engagement - purpose driven and meaningful.

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